Altogethr mourns the recent tragedies and targeted violence against Black Americans. We stand in solidarity with our fellow Americans who have been marginalized and discriminated against. We stand in solidarity with those who advocate for racial justice and a dismantling of the structures that allow for these events to occur.
The founders of Altogethr built our platform and company with the mission to help all people achieve their career goals. We believe that racism, bigotry, and bias are in direct opposition to the values we cherish at Altogethr.
The team at Altogethr:
  • recognizes that there’s a problem of systemic racism in this country
  • recognizes that racism exists in many forms
  • recognizes that staying silent makes us complicit in the atrocities.  
Our team values and embraces a culture of:
  • diversity that seeks to understand and embrace our differences
  • speaking out against injustices
  • treating each other with respect
While we pray and hope for peace, we also hope for justice and a change to our country’s systems and policies that continue to marginalize and create an environment of fear.
"Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are."
Ben Franklin