Our Story

We're a team of successful start-up operators who found ourselves wanting to solve the big problem of helping friends and former co-workers find a new job. We were good at providing referrals but felt that there's more that we could be doing. A lot of them had just wrapped up their first job out of college and had never been in the situation of being unemployed. When applying for job after job on online sites didn't result in employment, we set out to build a system to guide them helpfully through the process.

It's fairly easy to use and since we've just started, we're light on features. But, keep using and checking back. We've got quite a long list of features that we know will improve the job-seeking process.

Step 1

Start the search process. Check off the sites you want to search and, just like Kayak, you'll get a window for each site.

Step 2

Once you find a job you're interested in, save the info into the Altogethr platform so you can track it.

Step 3

Create a list of tasks and dates. Check in every day so that you can be on top of each job.

"Altogethr was a god-send in helping me get my current job. I had spent 6 months just customizing resumes and cover letters, not realizing that there was a better, more efficient process. Thank You!"
Marietta C.
Program Officer
"Just signed up and started saving some jobs -- I love that you can save jobs from different job boards!"
Rebecca J.

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