Our current situation requires a new approach.

I had the chance to attend my niece’s virtual graduation from medical school last week. If any of you remember back to yesterdays when we attended these events in person, you can remember how hectic they are. While I was grateful to be part of the event, what I didn’t miss was traveling to the venue, waiting in a long line to find parking, worrying about the weather, getting a good seat, wondering if the audio would be decent quality, figuring out the path to the closest bathroom, etc.

What I enjoyed instead was a great seat of my choice, the ability to hear and see the graduates clearly (for the most part), and being able to have a virtual chat with family members during the ceremony (without being hushed). Afterwards, close family members and friends gathered together in a Zoom session to congratulate her personally.  Given the times, it was actually a fun event for me. The highlight of the event? Stay tuned… 

COVID-19 has changed the world around us and people are adapting to the new reality. The graduation was a new, creative, and necessary way to celebrate and memorialize a major accomplishment by the University of Buffalo medical students.  

These times have necessitated new realities, and the job search process is no exception. While resume screening and phone screening have not changed, interviews are exclusively conducted by video and every step of the process is managed by email, calendars, and spreadsheets on both ends.

Isn’t it time that you evolved your job search process? Altogethr has built a platform to adapt your job search process to the new reality. Discard the various calendars, endless documents and spreadsheets. Track and manage your process efficiently so that you never miss a beat on your journey to landing your next job.

Back to the graduation. Do you know what the highlight of the event was?  Besides being able to connect with family members, the highlight was hearing my niece’s shoutout to me for encouraging her to get her medical degree. What a proud moment for me to witness this great accomplishment in her life.  And, I think I prefer this new graduation format.

Congrats to the University of Buffalo Medical School students and all the students graduating this year.  Good luck in the next exciting chapter of your life!