With the growing number of people unemployed in the US (30 million as of last count), it’s refreshing to see businesses come forward to provide their service/product at a discount or for free (in a lot of cases). When you’re unemployed, especially in this economy, every bit helps.

Which is why the team at Altogethr have decided to provide our product for free as well. After all, we are a platform that help job seekers find a job quicker. And what better way to help than to get this capability in the hands of as many people as possible.

Go to our registration page, use coupon code COVID19 (case sensitive) to receive 3 months for free (you’ll see the coupon code field on the 2nd page of registration).

You can also check out a list of other providers here. Other discounts and freebies include:

  • Productivity Software (e.g. Webex, Zoho,Canva, Box)
  • Educational Tools (e.g. Babbel,Boolean Girl, Mango)
  • Entertainment Options (e.g. NBC, NFL, Travel+Leisure)
  • Fitness (e.g. Planet Fitness,Nike Training Club,Peloton)
  • And many more..


And do drop us a note to tell us how you’re coping or to share success stories or what we can do better.

Good luck in your job search. And stay safe.